Design (and Disrupt) Your Life: Career Coaching for Artists

Led by

Beth Handel

With support from

Alysia Reiner


Jan 20, 2022 : 4 PM - 5 PM ET




  • Career
  • Leadership
  • Work-Life Balance


  • Articulate your career dream
  • Identify self-sabotaging inner dialogue
  • Create an action plan that is a match with your new dream


A coaching and career workshop for creatives and artists.

Let’s face it -- life right now is STILL disrupted. Productions are being forced to cancel shows and go on hold, and personally dealing with the reality of what it means to work, parent, and live during a (what feels like never-ending) pandemic.

Join Beth Handel (Executive Life Coach, Co-Founder of Handel Group and Inner.U) as she teams up with her client Alysia Reiner (SAG award winner for Orange Is The New Black, Better Things, upcoming Shining Vale), for a free no-holds-barred workshop designed to free you up and get you living your dreams, STAT.

Beth and Alysia will coach attendees live as they go back to basics of wild dreaming, managing your mind, and getting into a clear action plan each and every day to keep you aligned with your highest ideals for yourself and your career in the arts.

In this radically honest and wildly impactful event, you will learn principles from The Handel Method that have helped thousands of humans design their lives, including:

Dream On

Even (especially?) in times of uncertainty, there are opportunities. Beth and Alysia will teach how disruption can lead to invention and show you how to get back to dreaming in all areas of your life, specifically your career as an artist and creative.

How to Manage Your Mind

If you want to realize your dreams, you first have to understand that there are voices in your head who are not on your dreams’ team: namely, the Chicken, Brat and Weather Reporter. Beth and Alysia will share examples and help you identify your special brand of self-sabotaging inner dialogue and bust your limiting beliefs and excuses so you can get your head under new management.

Personal Integrity + Accountability

In the final webinar, Beth and Alysia will coach you to get into promises and consequences to keep you accountable for your dreams. Beth will explain the crucial link between Personal Integrity and creating your dream life and career, and Alysia will share her examples of promises she’s used to advance her own career as an Actor and Activist (and Firefighter! Yep, it’s worth coming just to hear that story).

No matter what stage your arts career is at, we’ve got your back (and your bold-ass dreams)!

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Led by

Beth Handel

With support from

Alysia Reiner