Designing Your Life & Facing Your Fears

Led by

Stephanie Smith

With support from



Dec 08, 2021 : 6pm ET - 8pm ET




  • Dreaming
  • Designing Your Life
  • Identifying Your Inner Dialogue


  • Identify your inner voices
  • Take down the 8 basic brands of excuses
  • Learn to curate your thoughts


Do you tend to overthink things? Are you way more a worrier than a warrior about things? Especially about things that matter deeply to you. 


Welcome to our species.

There’s an illusion that nothing important is really going on in that dark nightclub of our minds, where all our thoughts, theories, and inner dialogues dance. But the truth is, our mind has a mind of its own and if left unchecked, all those voices, two in particular – your Chicken and Brat – can cause havoc on your dreams.

In this workshop, with a sense of humor, compassion, and, yes, EVEN fun, we will:

  1. Pick an area of your life you want to change 

  2. Discover and love your dream in that area

  3. Find your fingerprints all over your current reality

  4. Help you design clear, actionable steps to get you out of your own way

  5. Develop Personal Integrity 


Whether you’re upleveling your career, your family, and/or your body, it’s time to live true to your dreams, face your fears, and get your mind under new management: YOURS.

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