Liars, Tyrants, and Boors, Oh My!

Led by

Marnie Nir

With support from

Leslie McGuirk


Jul 19, 2021 : 5pm




  • Designing honest conversations
  • Dealing with your negative inner dialogue
  • How to foster long-lasting relationships


  • What can you learn from these situations
  • Why you keep coming up against the same challenges
  • How to overcome differences with the people in your life


Are you loud and “proud” of your rocky relationships? Or do you hide behind fake pleasantries to avoid conflict at all costs? Is it your life’s mission to reform all assholes you encounter or do you run Forrest run for the hills the second you sniff drama?

Let’s face it. We all have people in our lives who annoy, irritate, and do wrong by us. 

No matter how fun(-ish) bitching, complaining and being right about how wrong they are is, isn’t it about time we do something more useful? 

Like, understand? Laugh? Suspect? Deal? 

Be it your boss, your kids, or your parents-in-law... Join Leslie and Marnie for an interactive coaching workshop to out your negative inner dialogue about the people in your life that drive you ape and pick up some wildly effective tools to deal with your but(t) and their asshole, stat.

If you’re longing to, once and for real, deal, you’ve come to the right place. 

The truth is that fostering long-lasting relationships you can truly be proud of is a skill you can learn, an artform.

Yes, one that sometimes (i.e. when it’s with a schmuck) requires a smock. 


Leslie McGuirk is an internationally acclaimed designer, illustrator, children’s book author, astrologer and corporate speaker on the topic ofcreative thinking, and how to unlock human potential.  She launched her eco-friendly design company, McGuirk’s Quirks, in 1984 with a line of T-shirts, later building the iconic brand to include over 1,500 productsfor Takashimaya the high-end Japanese department store.McGuirk has written and illustrated over 20 children’s books and has sold over two million copies worldwide. Her first adult book, The PowerOf Mercury, (Harper Collins) is about her life as an astrologer and how this ancient esoteric science is incredibly accurate in describing how people are designed.  She currently works with western trained doctors, and corporations, proving the accuracy of astrology for both personal health and for the wellbeing of a company.   A popular guest speaker at many award-winning spas, including Rancho La Puerta, she has been breaking attendance records for over 20 years. She has been a keynote speaker for AARP, Campowerment, as well as The Jim Henson Company, Wilmington Trust, and Embry Riddle Aeronautic University etc.   Her unique viewpoint on how to unlock a person’s highest potential received a standing ovation at her TEDx talk in Hollywood, CA on “The Importance of Being Wrong”

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Ready to laugh, learn, and get stuck in?

Led by

Marnie Nir

With support from

Leslie McGuirk

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