The Current Reality Quiz

This quiz is the first step in truly designing your dream life.
It breaks out your life into different areas to help you get a better handle (or Handel) on what needs attention, love, and a figurative swift kick.


Rate yourself from 1-10 in each of the following areas.

Where do you fall (1-10) in comparison to the 9 or 10 described in each scenario below. 10 is exemplary; 1, excrutiating.


This quiz is not out to depress you.

It’s a reality check: An honest measurement of where you are now (your current reality) in comparison to where you want to be. It’s important to also pay attention to the type of self-rater you are. Are you the type that considers anything close to a horn toot, a brag? So you rate yourself lower than you actually are? Or are you the Stepford Wife-type that says everything is “great” when truthfully you’re in hell?

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